Dear Therapist working in Africa

We would like to develop a database of all the people working in the fields of Speech Therapy and Audiology in Africa, which we will happily share with you all so that you can find and communicate with colleagues across the continent. This data will be available to all Speech Therapy and Audiology practitioners based in Africa for you to use for your own research, although each research study will be required to obtain ethical permission to use the data, and will have to request permission from SASLHA to use the data for research purposes. No identifying characteristics of the practitioners on the database will be used in any public dissemination of the data; however, if you are one of only a few practitioners in a country the data may be linked to you and your colleagues fairly easily. If you wish your data to be used only for the purposes of communication, but not for research purposes, please place an X in the ‘No’ column at the end of the questionnaire; if you consent to your data being used for research purposes as well as for communication, please place an ‘X’ in the ‘Yes’ column at the end of the questionnaire.

The database will assist with identification of areas where we are able to support each other. We would also like to use this information to draw up profession-related profiles for each country, which we can share with everyone. Please feel free to add any information that would contribute to these aims. Please also share this document with any colleagues who are not listed on the email address list.

Kind regards,
The SASLHA PLO Africa committee